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Microsoft Dynamics AX integration

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Seamless integration of Microsoft Dynamics AX and Marketo. Eliminate data management and synchronize contacts, leads, leads activities and accounts.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • syn contacts, documents
  • fast to learn
  • cost efficient
  • all entities supported

Integrate Dynamics AX and Marketo using Connect Bridge. Connect Bridge is a platform for integration, synchronization and migration of data, documents and processes. It supports all the entities allowing you to adapt the Dynamics AX - Marketo integration to your company's individual needs. 

Dynamics AX has an integrated CRM allowing companies to do many sales and marketing activities within the Dynamics AX platform. Improve your sales and synchronize leads, contacts and lead activities from Marketo to Dynamics AX. Provide data such as customer orders to your marketing professionals, helping them evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing activities.    

  • Seamless bi-directional integration
  • Learn within 2 hours
  • Cost efficient
  • Turn more leads in sales

With Connect Bridge you can integrate more than 2 systems. 

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Marketo Integration

Integrate seamlessly Dynamics AX and Marketo.

Synchronize leads and customers. Save time and effort by having the contact details seamlessly updated from Dynamics AX to Marketo and vice versa. Have the lead activities log gathered by Marketo incorporated into the CRM of your Dynamics AX to help your sales team personalize the communication with the prospects.  

Synchronize campaigns. Integrate the CRM from Dynamics AX with Marketo to align your sales and marketing.

Access the emails and contact details stored in Dynamics AX. Filter those contacts and create customer segments according to your own criteria, such as customers’ previous orders. Make targeted campaigns based on the data.

Integrate analytics. Evaluate the effectiveness of each of your marketing activity by integrating your Marketo analytics into Dynamics AX. Calculate the ROI and estimate future revenues.

Keep your marketing professionals up to date with new product deliveries. Let them make informed decision about which product to promote.  

Entities you can synchronize:

  • Contact details
  • Customers, Accounts
  • Company information, Employee information
  • Orders
  • Sales activities
  • Documents and all others