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Seamless and bi- directional integration of Quickbooks and Marketo. Synchronize leads, contacts, documents. All entities are supported.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • all entities supported
  • fast to learn
  • cost efficient
  • integrate more than 2 systems

Integrate QuickBooks and Marketo with Connect Bridge integration platform. Connect Bridge allows for seamless integration, synchronization and migration of data, documents and processes. It supports all the entities to let you adapt the QuickBooks - Marketo integration to your company.  

Let your accountants track the expenses of each marketing activity and identify their effectiveness. Identify and focus on the most valuable customers. Provide the marketing team with access to customers' orders, giving them the valuable data for the future marketing campaigns.  

  • Automize the processes
  • Easy and fast to learn
  • Live and bi- directional
  • All entities supported

With Connect Bridge you can integrate more than 2 systems, for example QuickBooks, Marketo and CRM software.  

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Marketo Integration

Synchronize leads and customers with QuickBooks – Marketo connector. Eliminate data management and automize the updates in leads’ and customers’ contact details live and bi- directionally.

Find out the results of marketing campaigns. Let your marketing team access what purchases have been done by individual customers. Based on the data, target customers with the future marketing campaigns and retain the customers that have been inactive.

Evaluate the effectiveness of each marketing activity and calculate the ROI. Estimate more accurately future revenues.

Entities you can synchronize:

  • Customers, Accounts, Contacts
  • Company info, Employee info
  • Orders, Purchase and all others