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Poweful Mobile Marketing by CommandIQ

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CommandIQ is the easiest way to drive engagement and revenue on mobile. In sync with your email and other marketing channels. No SDK required.
Main Features
  • Personalized Push Messaging
  • Omni-Channel Frequency Capping
  • A/B Testing & Local Timezones
  • Complete Tracking & Reporting

CommandIQ is the easiest way to drive engagement and revenue -- while managing unified communications across channels.  We connect to your existing email provider, existing data sources, to power segmented, personalized emails and push notifications.  Quickly A/B test copy, creative, cadence and channel as you build your lifecycle marketing -- and understand what works best for your business with robust reporting.

CommandIQ helps enterprise businesses and brands, predominately marketing to consumers, with anywhere from 500,000 to 500,000,000 customers.

Our customers are seeing 300%+ in engagement and 80%+ increase in revenue because of CommandIQ.  

Our easy interface and advanced capabilities make it easy for your marketing team to quickly generate similar results: 

- Reach your customers with automatically tailored, 1-to-1 personalized messages to drive engagement and commerce.

- Deliver consistent messaging, with Smart Frequency capping across channel, across provider.  Don't send push notifications to users already engaging with your emails.

- Deploy Push Notifications SDK-free: mobile isn't a silo, so don't treat it like one.  Robust data integrations unite unconnected data sources across your business into one actionable place. 

- Measure the real results of every message -- reporting to quickly determine which message, cadence and channel drives usage, purchase, or any other metric.