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Save Time and Money with Allocadia

We have entered a new era where marketers must make every dollar count. Marketers have more responsibility than ever before. Today’s CMO owns digital transformation, drives the customer experience and is fully accountable to revenue growth:
- 50% of CMOS don’t understand how their budgets are invested – Gartner
- 49% of B2B Marketers are unable to measure results and align teams around common goals - Forrester
- 60% of Fortune 1000 CMOs claim they cannot quantify the impact of marketing – McKinsey&Company
The impact is significant: losing time, money and opportunity ultimately leads organizations to lose confidence in their marketing team.
- 6+ Days spent per person per quarter on planning, budgeting and measuring ROI – Allocadia
- 10 - 20% of marketing spend is wasted or misaligned – McKinsey & Company
- 4% extra revenue you could drive by optimizing marketing spend – Forrester

Marketing Performance Management (MPM) technology delivers visibility into the core operational marketing data needed to run better: plans, investments and results.

Spend up to 40% less time on budgeting, planning and ROI Measurement
Identify & reallocate 10 -20% of marketing spend
Stay within 3% of budget
Optimize marketing spend to drive a 4% increase in sales

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