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Embed content rich images into email campaigns to enhance user interaction
Main Features
  • Create Interactive Images
  • Connected Marketing
  • Track User Engagement
  • Drive User Behaviors

One of a Kind Content Creation

BrandMapz is a cloud-based marketing platform that allows retailers, small businesses, content creators, and major brands to provide content viewers with a rich experience in the context of the media being viewed. 

The process is simple. Take your image and upload it into the BrandMapz platform. Once it’s in the cloud, start mapping your image. Add links to buy, like, and share the image or provide even more information in context with popup information and videos to enhance the content altogether. 

Once you’ve brandmapped an image, you’re ready to pass it on to all your viewers. The image can easily be added to your website for increased user experience or uploaded into your Constant Contact email campaigns to reach targeted individuals with important information regarding your company. 

But that’s not all. Once your image has been shared, your BrandMapz Dashboard collects key analytics to help your marketing strategies. 

With BrandMapz, the possibilities are endless! Your creativity will speak through to the viewers like never before.

Overall Benefits

  • Significant growth in sales revenue.
  • Enhance social media presence and awareness.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention.
  • Gain insights for future customer desires.
  • Deep analytics of the content.