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Cloudwords software speeds time to market for global campaigns and localized content.


Cloudwords is the leading cloud-based marketing globalization platform for Marketo. The software speeds time to market for global campaigns and localized content. By integrating directly with Marketo and automating project workflow, Cloudwords eliminates time consuming tasks and delivers unprecedented visibility into the localization process. Cloudwords' partner ecosystem includes nearly 500 language service providers for marketers to leverage.

With Cloudwords, marketers realize the global value of their marketing technology stack, enabling the delivery of more personalized, engaging experiences in more languages, to more customers at a speed and scale impossible to achieve with manual processes.

Global brands such as Microsoft, CA Technologies, Forcepoint and Hach use Cloudwords for Marketo to deliver globally consistent, high quality and timely content to multiple countries in many languages. 

Through seamless integration with Marketo, Cloudwords automatically pulls selected content into the localization workflow. Features include:

  • Central request portal or single intake channel for all stakeholders and regional field teams to initiate localization projects
  • Synchronized timelines, automatic alerts and improved collaboration across departments, language service providers, and reviewers to enable faster project completion
  • In-context review capability allows reviewers to view and edit translated copy in the final layout and alongside the source content to address design issues, and ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Centrally-hosted Translation Memory (TM) and glossary speed project turnaround times, improve quality, and deliver significant cost-savings
  • Real-time analytics provide visibility into project spend via dashboards and reports; users can track localization spend, time-to-market efficiencies, and TM utilization

Cloudwords can easily scale to meet the needs of enterprise organizations to improve localization efficiencies and speed global go-to-market timelines.

Watch this LaunchPoint webinar to hear Microsoft’s digital marketing transformation story and how they use Marketo and Cloudwords to speed time to market for global campaigns and localized content, enabling them to deliver 9 global campaigns with 400 localized assets in 22 languages to 86 countries.


Cloudwords for Marketo is a direct integration with your Marketo instance, which means localization of emails, landing pages, snippets and more into any language becomes a seamless process within your usual Marketo activity. You never have to take the content out of Marketo, nor put it back in. Cloudwords takes care of all that for you. 

In addition, initially connecting your Marketo instance to Cloudwords SaaS solution takes a mere 90 seconds, so you can get started right away! 

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