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Integration with Momentum is simple. Usually, this will be included in the setup of Momentum for you. If access to Marketo is limited for Clever-Touch, it is possible for an admin of the marketo instance to set up the integration by following these instructions. 

The following instructions assume that you have already purchased Momentum licences from Clever-Touch Marketing.

First, Login to Momentum at and navigate to the configuration page - Admin > Configuration


Within Momentum, it is possible to let each team upload to separate workspaces. This is configured at a team level and will be explained later in this documentation. 

The three editable fields on this page are the default global settings for the entire momentum account. If team specific settings are applied they will over-rule the default global settings. 

Firstly follow the Marketo documentation here to create an API only user -

Ensure that the user has access to every workspace that may be required as this can't easily be changed later. 

Next, a new LaunchPoint Service needs to be set up and the API user assigned. Again Marketo has Documentation for this process -

The LaunchPoint Service Client ID and secret can be found in the "Credentials for API Access" section in the above link. 

The last field to fill is the REST API Endpoint. This can be found by going to 'Admin > Integration > Web Services' in Marketo. Under the 'REST API' section copy the URL shown next to the label 'Endpoint'.

Once all three of these fields are filled, hit Test and save auth details. If everything was successful you will be able to enter your folder requirements.


Type the full folder name, and recomendations will be shown in the setup interface. Select the folder that you want the template, email and images to be saved and hit save integration details. 


If you do not need teams to upload files into specific workspaces your setup is done!

For adding team specific folder locations head to Admin > Teams within Momentum and select a team. 

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Configure where you will enter the same details as above. 

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