Email Cleaning and Validation Services

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Significantly reduce your email bounce rates, improve your sender reputation and Inbox deliverability by cleaning your email list with CCDMG.
Main Features
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Certificate of Analysis (COA)
  • 4-step Validation Services
  • Video tutorials for processes

The CCDMG technology is achieving close to 100% email recovery and deliverability from any email list around the world. We are the first real solution in the market that is able to accurately and successfully validate email accounts from domains like Yahoo!, AOL and Hotmail.

Our innovative 4-step hygiene and validation services give our clients great flexibility and the power to accurately control their costs. 

The system is running on our own secured cloud-based platform. No software to download, no hidden or upfront fees. Every service is available online and you can pay as you go.

We don’t just check or clean your emails. We offer a proof of service by offering you comprehensive reports and quality certifications (Certificate of Analysis) for your email lists. 

Open an account with us today and you will receive $25USD free of charge to clean your email list!