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GoToWebinar helps you generate qualified leads, establish thought leadership and build brand awareness. See why we’re a leader in online events.


Built for business. Designed for customer success.

Whether you are a start-up or a company operating worldwide, GoToWebinar can help you tell your story, reach your audience and build your marketing strategy.

With GoToWebinar, most customers are able to generate over 25% more qualified leads. See for yourself how GoToWebinar simplicity and efficiency helped businesses reach more than 40 million prospects, customers and partners just last year.

GoToWebinar Capabilities:
• Audience Interaction
• Recording
• Real-time Analytics
• Handouts
• Custom Branding
• Email Automation
• Mobile Support
• Multiple Presenters/Panelists
• Lead Management
• Practice Sessions
• Desktop/Application Sharing
• HDFaces Video Conferencing
• Network Security


Connect Marketo to GoToWebinar and automate your events with our Event adapter. This adapter will allow you to manage your events, push registration information captured on a Marketo landing page to GoToWebinar, and pull attendance information automatically into a Marketo Event (which is a type of Marketo Program). This event capability allows you to capture the status of the leads as members of the event.

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