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Cintell - Buyer Personas

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Map your contacts to buyer personas and start your journey to becoming truly customer-centric.
Main Features
  • Create digital buyer personas
  • Map your contacts to persona
  • Better segment your campaigns

Cintell is a customer intelligence platform enabling you to better understand your buyers, and make more relevant, customer-centric decisions. Our upcoming integration with Marketo will allow you to:

  • Define digital buyer personas
  • Map your contacts to buyer persona
  • Better understand your database segments
  • Uncover new or out-dated persona segments

With the full Cintell platform, you can:

  • Understand Your Customers

    Compile a rich customer knowledge base in the cloud full of details such as buying habits, motivations, challenges, preferences, and more.

  • Publish Companywide

    Free your personas from static PDFs and abandoned Powerpoint slides. Create and share live, digital buyer personas to make the latest insights available throughout your organization.

  • Continuously Validate & Maintain

    Run programs and gather customer voice to inform, validate, and keep your personas up-to-date. Add third-party insights to continuously understand their changing needs and preferences.

  • Let the Insights Flow

    Breathe life into your customer personas by integrating with existing tools such as your marketing automation or CRM, and make truly customer-centric decisions.

Our mission is to create a customer-centric world. Join us!