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Qualified prospects schedule a meeting with the correct sales rep directly after filling out your Marketo form. Data and ownership is synced with SFDC


Chili Piper eliminates manual scheduling between marketing/sales and their prospects to deliver consistent engagement down the marketing funnel. The result? Higher conversion rates from the same inbound traffic and no more ghosting. Companies like DiscoverOrg,, and SalesLoft use Chili Piper to qualify, route, and book meetings with inbound leads directly from their Marketo landing page. 


Route inbound leads to correct rep

Route leads from website or landing pages to the correct rep in real time based on round robin rules, territory, account-based ownership, and more.

Schedule meetings in real time

Prompt qualified prospects to book a meeting with sales as soon as the form is submitted by giving them reps' availability.

One-click booking from emails

Move prospects down the funnel faster by enabling them to book a meeting with the assigned sales person directly from your email campaigns.

One-click registration for webinars

Include the Chili Piper booking link in your webinar and event promotions so prospective attendees can reserve with a single click.

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Chili Piper's Intelligent Form Booker generates more qualified meetings for sales through the same inbound traffic to your website.  

  • Prospects book a meeting with the correct sales rep with one click when information is submitted through the form - eliminating sales' follow up SLA and ensuring your MQL converts to SQL as quickly as possible. 
  • Automates routing leads to the correct sales reps instantly. Routing can be configured via round robin rules, territories, Salesforce grouping, account-based ownership, and more. 
  • Syncs to SFDC in real time and options to log all activity including: lead creation, task, opportunity, record update.

No dev necessary. Rules are configured within the Chili Piper app and deployed with a small javascript snippet to your webpage. 


Smart Links in Marketo Email Campaigns provides prospects a dynamic booking link to schedule a meeting with the assigned Lead/Contact/Account owner from SFDC.

  • Uses the {{lead.Email Address}} token to allow prospects to book meetings from your emails in 2-clicks. 
  • No form fill required.

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Using Fast Lane with Chili Piper in our forms, we improved the conversion of highly qualified demo requests to opportunities by 61%. This is a HUGE increase. We were setting expectations at more like
Mark Miller, Growth Marketing @ Segment