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Data presentation reimagined - instant, mobile, collaborative. Chartcube lets you create a data presentation instantly from Marketo or a spreadsheet.
Main Features
  • Collaborative - chart comments
  • Swipe to pivot
  • Double tap to drill-down
  • Mobile first experience

Chartcube can be used for any business data.  Be it sales performance, retail metrics, marketing analytics, operations KPIs, or your executive dashboard.  The data can come from BI tools, ERP systems, SaaS or the base sheets of your pivot tables.

"Puts presentation in the hands of analysts." - Forbes
"Converts spreadsheets into something readable." - Wired
"Slack for data." - TechCrunch

What users are saying:

  • "Helpful in quickly understanding and making sense of my data with zero effort."
  • "Fast, easy to use, and extremely useful for anyone who deals with Excel data regularly."
  • "Love this app.  Makes it easy for me to visualize data and add comments, making data collaboration easy"

We love feedback!  Email us at or tweet us @chartcubesays.