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Search Retargeting

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Search Retargeting finds those individuals who have searched primarily on Google, Yahoo! or Bing for a keyword that matters to your campaign.
Main Features
  • Find New Customers
  • Buy Media Efficiently
  • Plug The Leaks In Your SEM
  • Increase Brand Awareness

Search Retargeting is a highly effective method of display advertising because it talks directly to those people who have expressed an interest in a product or service. 

For a limited period of time, Marketo's qualified clients get 10% bonus impressions on Search Retargeting campaigns. Conditions apply. 

Key benefits

Unlike ‘site retargeting’ that talks only to those individuals who have been to your site before, Search Retargeting generates high returns from new prospects.

Search Retargeting generates high quality leads at a lower Cost Per Lead (CPL) than traditional display tactics

By bidding anonymously on competitor's terms, marketers can save up to 96% compared to SEM in highly competitive industries

How does it work?

Stept 1: An individual searches for a keyword relevant to your business.
Step 2: Chango anonymously remembers that search term.
Step 3: Chango targets the right user with a display ad based on their search terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Where is the search data collected from?
Chango has a proprietary network of data partners that are compensated for helping us generate our data. We place code on their sites and when they see incoming traffic from the search engines, we drop a cookie and store that data anonymously. We follow all standards for data collection and management, and are a member of the NAI and IAB.

- Where are the ads placed?
We have a combination of exchange-based inventory and a network of premium publishers – together these give us access to more than 95% of the population.

- Do I need to supply keywords?
Typically a client will give us their SEM keyword list as a starting point, but we can also help you generate a list for Search Retargeting too.

- What countries do you operate?
Chango is live in the USA, Canada and the UK.

- What are your rates?
Pricing is very transparent, and works a lot like SEM. We charge based on an auction based CPM. We will agree to a maximum CPM bid price and you will be charged what it costs to acquire the impressions or clicks.