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By Certain, Inc.

Certain is the leading enterprise event automation platform helping marketers deliver measurable results from their events.


Certain is the leading enterprise event automation  platform that helps data-driven marketers and event professionals integrate rich buying signals and attendee insights to improve sales and marketing results. Certain partners with hundreds of companies across tens of thousands of global events to help drive measurable business results from their events. 

Certain delivers improved operational efficiency, greater demand, and an amazing attendee experience. 

Capabilities of the Certain platform include:

  • Marketing Automation integration
  • Highly-customizable registration and landing pages
  • Total branding control
  • Mobile event apps
  • Collaboration, planning and budgeting tools
  • Speaker and session management
  • Personalized attendee experience
  • Integrated Google Analytics
  • Social marketing tools
  • Payment processing (PCI compliant)
  • Salesforce integration
  • Self-scheduled and matched 1-to-1 meetings
  • Attendee data capture and reporting 


Certain integrates with Marketo to deliver everything you need to plan, execute, and maximize the results of your events. With Certain, you’ll gain a deeper view of your customers by combining insight from in-person events with the data you already capture through Marketo to accelerate the buying cycle.

 Key Benefits:

  • Capture valuable attendee insights - Rich attendee data collected throughout the event lifecycle is shared with Marketo
  • Deliver insights to sales and marketing – Attendee profiles, engagement activities, and interests help you capture interesting moments.
  • Engage your attendees – Demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data from Marketo is brought into Certain to design events that are targeted and personalized to your attendees’ interest.
  • Bridge the chasm between marketing and events – No more losing sight of prospects once they leave the digital space for your physical event.
  • Increase attendee engagement with mobile – Gain the insight you need to better understand your attendees and where they are in the buying process.
  • Analyze in real time – Just as your digital campaigns are more easily tied back to revenue in marketing automation, events can be measured in the same way.

How it works:

  • Build segmented target lists in Marketo and import into Certain
  • Register attendees in Certain and update/create leads in Marketo
  • Custom mapping of Certain standard and custom profile fields to Marketo standard and lead field
  • Integrate profile, engagement and interest data captured in Certain back to Market 
  • Pre-populate data from Marketo into Certain and use progressive profiling during registration to learn more about your attendees.
  • Track attendee interests based on session registration and attendance
  • Improve lead scoring and create more effective lead nurturing campaigns based on what you learn from Certain
  • Change Marketo program status for leads and trigger additional Marketo campaign flow steps, such as scoring, alerts, or synchronization to CRM
  • Track the degree and quality of engagement for each event participant to update behavioral scores in Marketo
  • Tag event activities with one or more company-defined areas of interest, and score leads based on an attendee’s level of interest in each area  


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