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Ceros is a cloud-based platform that empowers designers and marketers to create rich, interactive content without the need for developer resources.


What Is Ceros?

Ceros is an interactive design platform that empowers marketers and designers to create, publish and track immersive HTML5 content experiences.

What Can I Create?

Because Ceros is a blank canvas studio, your imagination is the only limit to what you can build. Companies are creating interactive infographics, microsites, eBooks, landing pages, games, editorial content, sponsored content, lookbooks, quizzes, and more with our platform. 

Who Is Ceros For? 

Innovative marketers and content creators across verticals and industries are using Ceros to create more engaging content that drives results. Leading brands like United Airlines, B2B companies like Deloitte and Criteo, publishers like The Wall Street Journal and Vice, and financial companies like UBS and Morgan Stanley, all rely on Ceros to help them bring their ideas to life.


Animate with ease

With an extensive library of animations built into Ceros, adding movement and dynamics to your content is easy.

Engage with interaction

Create interactions that give your audience the freedom to consume the content in their own way.

Preview your content in real-time

See your content come together in real time - no handoff to a developer, no waiting a week to see the result. Just create and preview.

Embed anything

Drag and drop content from your favorite sites, or write your own embed code. Ceros makes it easy to plug and play with your favorite resources.

Go live in an instant

A single click and Ceros will publish, host, and provide you with a URL and embed code. Your Ceros content can live anywhere.

Gain insight through analytics

Find out how your audience really engages with your content. Ceros provides you with detailed data from visitors, including every single interaction.

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The Marketo integration in Ceros allows you to track individual pageviews of Ceros experiences and add Marketo forms directly from the Ceros studio onto your content. 

By using our built-in integration, you can: 

  • Easily add formatted Marketo forms to any Ceros experience. 
  • Have specific actions triggered within Ceros based on a form submission.
  • Send pageviews for any individual (known or anonymous) to your Marketo instance. 
  • Trigger marketing automation activities like nurture emails based on the user’s activity with your Ceros experiences.

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