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Quickly and easily connect, sync data, & automate processes between Marketo and your business apps


Celigo offers integration solutions that enable applications to work together as one, in a way that is easy and simple. Over 1700 companies rely on Celigo to synchronize data, automate processes, and streamline operations by integrating their cloud applications. Celigo’s iPaaS platform offers a simple and powerful platform through a guided user interface, integration templates, and other tools that empower both business users and IT to easily integrate any cloud applications. Built on, Celigo also offers SmartConnectors, a suite of prebuilt, fully managed integration applications for popular cloud applications, including NetSuite, Salesforce, Shopify, Amazon, Zendesk, and many others. Visit to learn more.

Jumpstart integrations with prebuilt templates for SaaS solutions such as Salesforce, Netsuite, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Zoho.


Integration Wizard

Step-by-step wizard with API adaptors, visual field mapping, drop-down tools, and other tools for no-coding integration

Integration Templates

Pre-packaged integration flows that can be installed, configured, modified, duplicated, or deleted to jump start integration projects.

Actionable Dashboard

Intuitive dashboard for monitoring, managing, and updating integrations with access to error details and ability to re-run integrations

Free Data Loader

Use free tool to mass import hundreds, thousands, or millions of records to any cloud application

Integration Orchestration

Support complex processes by integrating multiple applications and data sources as part of a single integration flow

Developer Tools

Advanced tools for using javascript, creating and sharing code stacks, generating tokens for direct API calls, building wrappers, and more

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Celigo’s is a next generation integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS) that makes cloud integration fast and easy - whether you are a business user or IT developer. For Marketo users, pre-built integration templates and application adapters are available to integrate Marketo to popular cloud applications, such as Microsoft Dynamics, MySQL, NetSuite, Power BI, Salesforce, Shopify, Survey Monkey, Tableau, and many others.  


Simple and Powerful User Experience: Integration wizard, drop-down menus, and data mapping tool make it easy for business users and developers to integrate any applications or files  

Pre-built Integrations and Tools: Integration templates, SmartConnectors, and Application Adaptors help deliver fast time-to-value on integration projects  

Flow-Based Subscription Model: Pricing is based on integration flows rather than on the number of endpoints allowing companies to easily add capacity

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