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BizTalk Adapter for Marketo

Cdata  |  Platforms
Poll Marketo data using SQL queries and stored procedures, create XML views of your Marketo entities, and act on them like standard XML messages.
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Main Features
  • BizTalk Workflow Connectivty
  • Meta-Data Discovery
  • Receive & Two-Way Send Adapter

Connect BizTalk Workflows With Marketo Data

The CData BizTalk Adapter for Marketo allows you to poll Marketo data using SQL queries and stored procedures. The Adapter lets you create an XML view of your Marketo entities and allows you to act on these entities like standard XML messages. The Marketo BizTalk Adapter supports standard SQL updategrams making it easy to insert, update, or delete Marketo entities.


1-2-3 Easy Steps to BizTalk Integration 

It is easy to process Marketo entities in a BizTalk Orchestration.

  1. Configure a Receive Location.
  2. Generate the Schema for a chosen Marketo entity.
  3. Design the BizTalk Workflow using standard BizTalk techniques.

To update, insert, or delete Marketo entities simply configure a Send Port and bind it to receive updategrams.

Marketo Integration

The CData adapter enables you to process Marketo entities as standard XML messages in BizTalk. You can use the CData BizTalk Adapter for Marketo just as you would use the BizTalk Adapter for SQL Server: The adapter models Marketo APIs as a relational database. You can access Marketo Leads, Activities, Campaigns, Channels and more as relational tables, views, and stored procedures:

  • Execute SELECT commands from a receive location. Use the adapter in a receive location to poll Marketo for data.
  • Execute INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands from a send port. Use the adapter in a send port to execute updategrams, data manipulation SQL, and stored procedures.
  • Create schemas for updategrams, SQL commands, and stored procedures. Using the adapter metadata, you can generate schemas with the Schema Wizard in a BizTalk Server project in Visual Studio.