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SSIS Components for Marketo

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Leverage the power and flexibility of SSIS — easily connect and synchronize data with Marketo through native SSIS Source and Destination components.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Seamless Integration
  • Automate integration processes
  • Archive business data
  • Offload queries

Synchronize SQL Server with Live Marketo Data

Leverage the power and flexibility of SSIS Workflows with our Data Flow Tasks and easily connect to live Marketo in your ETL projects. Using Marketo SSIS Components users can easily connect and synchronize data with Marketo through native SSIS Source and Destination components.


Use Marketo SSIS Components to:

  • Synchronize SQL Server and Marketo for seamless back-office integration.
  • Automate integration processes like mass imports / updates, data cleansing, and de-duplication.
  • Offload queries from operational systems to reduce load and increase performance.
  • Connect Marketo to analytics for BI and decision support.
  • Archive business data for disaster recovery.

Straightforward SQL Server Integration

Use CData Data Flow Tasks to connect SQL Server with Marketo without expensive custom integration or application development. 

  • Use SQL Server Integration Services and Marketo SSIS Components to easily connect and synchronize SQL Server with Marketo data.
  • Full Create, Read, Update, and Delete (CRUD) support.
  • Straightforward integration, no custom development required!

Marketo Integration

Synchronize Marketo with SQL Server: The CData SSIS Components for Marketo are standard SSIS components that enable point-and-click import, export, replication, and ETL to and from SQL Server.

Transfer Marketo and SQL Server data just as you would import and export between two databases. The components model Marketo entities as relational tables. You can access Marketo Leads, Activities, Campaigns, Channels, and more as relational tables, views, and stored procedures.

Query Marketo entities with standard SQL. The components support create, read, udpate, and delete (CRUD) operations.

The components give you full control over your Marketo and SQL Server integration: Map columns from source to destination and apply custom processing and formatting logic. The components run behind the firewall on the machine where SSIS is installed.

The components provide enterprise-class security out of the box: All connections to Marketo are encrypted with TLS/SSL.