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ADO.NET Provider for Marketo

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DataBind to Marketo data just like using SQL Server.
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Main Features
  • .NET Integration
  • Read, Write, Update Support
  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Secure Connectivity
Easily connect .NET applications to Marketo data

The CData ADO.NET Provider for Marketo gives developers the power to easily connect .NET applications to Marketo data, including Leads, Campaigns, Activities, and more! The Marketo Data Provider makes this Marketo data look like SQL tables in your applications. With the CData ADO.NET Provider for Marketo developers can simply DataBind to data, just like using SQL Server.

ADO.NET Provider Overview

The Marketo ADO.NET Provider offers the most natural way to access Marketo data from any .NET application. Simply use Marketo Data Provider objects to connect and access data just as you would access any traditional database. You will be able to use the Marketo Data Provider through Visual Studio Server Explorer, in code through familiar classes, and in data controls like DataGridView, GridView, DataSet, etc.

Marketo Integration

Whether you're doing development, analytics, or DB administration, you can use CData ADO.NET Providers just as you would use the ADO.NET provider for SQL Server: The CData ADO.NET Provider for Marketo models Marketo APIs as a relational database. You can access Marketo Leads, Activities, Campaigns, Channels and more as relational tables, views, and stored procedures. You can query these entities with standard SQL.

Use standard interfaces and wizards to connect to Marketo:

  • Browse and edit Marketo through SQL in Visual Studio Server Explorer.
  • Create SSRS reports in Report Designer and Report Builder.
  • Create and publish Crystal Reports.
  • Visualize Marketo data and create mashups in TIBCO Spotfire.
  • The provider enables developers to build .NET applications with connectivity to Marketo using familiar ADO.NET interfaces, such as MarketoConnection, MarketoCommand, MarketoDataAdapter, MarketoDataReader, MarketoDataSource, etc.

The provider integrates connectivity to Marketo into the rapid development tools available to .NET developers:

  • Databind in ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and Silverlight.
  • Build an Entity Model with code first or model first.
  • Design read/write LightSwitch applications with Editable Grid.
  • Scaffold MVC applications with read/write access to Marketo.
  • Interact with Marketo through PowerBuilder DataWindows.
  • Execute ad-hoc LINQ from LINQPad.