Captora Inbound Marketing Acceleration

By Captora

Captora identifies, creates, and optimizes new hyper-targeted inbound campaigns to engage and capture purchase-ready buyers.


What Sets Captora Apart?

  1. Marketing Execution Engine – aggregates millions of digital demand signals from prospective buyers, then defines and creates new launch-ready inbound marketing campaigns
  2. Dynamic Capture Manager – utilizes your content across inbound marketing campaigns to drive more buyers to your campaigns and website 
  3. Conversion Optimizer – automatically leverages advanced testing techniques to drive continuous improvement of content and reports results


  • Identifies and ranks new campaigns and keywords that will deliver the best results fast
  • Frees marketing from the manual labor by automatically creating and optimizing new campaigns
  • Captures leads before your competition at a lower cost per lead
  • Complements marketing automation solutions

Why Captora? 

  • The only easy-to-use integrated solution across inbound marketing channels
  • Top of funnel lead acceleration increases the number of inbound visitors and optimizes conversions
  • Unifies analytics for continuous improvement across all inbound marketing campaigns, content, and website visitors
  • Maximizes impact from CRM and Marketing Automation investments

Customer Proof Points 

  • 1-in-5 Launch 1st Captora campaign in 5 days
  • 100-in-3 100% increase of non-branded organic search leads in 3 months
  • 800:1 8x increase in visitor-to-trial conversion rate
  • 200-of-1 200 new #1 ranked keyword pages in 1 month


Captora Inbound Marketing Acceleration solution is the perfect complement to Marketo, and in fact, enhances your existing technologies by making them even more effective.

  1. Captora delivers more new incremental leads to Marketo through seamless and out-of-the-box form integration. 
  2. Captora provides information on which campaigns are working and what content is best by persona and stage-of-interest to help optimize your other marketing efforts.
  3. Captora cost effectively grows your marketing content portfolio so it can be leveraged across all marketing channels.

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