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DOZ helps any website to reach audience in foreign markets thanks to automatically curated and localized marketers.
Main Features
  • Search / Social / Content
  • Curated Marketers
  • Automatic Workflow
  • Task by Task Monitoring

We diversify your traffic sources
You might depend on advertizing for your online audience acquisition. But, once you decrease or halt your ad budget, you'll have little to no traffic going toward your site. DOZ is built to drive traffic from organic sources. Organic results on search engines, posts on social media, articles on blogs, etc. will lead visitors to your site the first day of the campaign, and will continue to drive traffic even after.

We lower your acquisition cost
By providing a more qualified audience, you will increase your conversion rate. The higher your conversion rate, the better chance you have of reducing your acquisition cost. Advertizing networks are so competitive that you might be forced to pay hundreds for a single client. By utilizing organic traffic sources, DOZ drives more qualified and less costly traffic. Our aim is to increase your conversions and lower your acquisition cost.

We use prosourcing at its maximum capacity
No marketing agency can pretend to have the best marketers in-house. No marketing agency can pretend to have the best process, techniques, or knowledge about online marketing. At DOZ, we believe that the knowledge is everywhere; we believe in the power of the crowd. Experts in Marketing are joining DOZ to test, learn and apply the best marketing strategies. Matching our clients' campaigns with our experts' skills is what we call "prosourcing".

We find reliable expertise in foreign markets
Whenever your site is scaling, you might look toward launching marketing campaigns in foreign countries. It isn't easy to find local experts, even on a crowdsourcing platform. Moreover, typical marketing agencies might charge high prices for international campaigns. Thanks to its unique model, however, DOZ is able to find the best local marketing experts. DOZ algorithms select people based on their market and industry knowledge, native location, and languages skills.
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