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Cumulus | Digital Asset Management Software

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Cumulus allows you to easily store, organize, track and share your brand assets. With Canto you get powerful metadata searching
Main Features
  • Easily upload & share
  • Customize & automate workflows
  • Works on every device
  • Versioning & rights management

This award winning digital asset management software solution helps customers protect brand assets, ensure efficiency and improve the bottom line. Businesses may not only integrate Cumulus with applications and enterprise systems, but also fully customize the solution to support and streamline workflows.

Enter keywords and phrases to find any file. Search via category browsing, keywords, customizable queries and based on filters and associations you define. Cumulus can be fully customized to track asset relationships, so that all files used in a particular layout or publication can easily be found and viewed.

Search fields can be standardized across your organization or each user can choose his or her own. Cumulus categories make it easy to support any taxonomy. Nest categories to build hierarchies. Drag and drop files to make fast category assignments. Advanced search queries can be built easily and shared among users.

Cumulus lets you see all presentations that contain a certain image file, and enables you to instantly find all files in a particular presentation via file association.

Automate workflows and streamline content creation and distribution processes with build-in tools and 3rd party integrations. World-class Metadata Tools to Manage Important Assets Add files in any format manually or automatically from a workflow step. Built- in metadata support for IPTC, XMP, EXIF and metadata mapping to other standards gives organizations the industry’s most complete support for managing production file formats.

Cumulus captures a mountain of metadata when a file is cataloged. Cumulus knows the fonts used in layouts, Adobe Photoshop layer details, the frames of videos, the sample rate of audio files and a virtually unlimited amount of other format-specific information.

Easily assign metadata to individual files; or bulk upload content based on templates, user-defined business rules and drag and drop functionality to assign metadata en masse.

Configure metadata fields to appear as radio buttons, text fields, color labels, drop-down menus and other visual elements.

Find Files based on any metadata values at any time. Preview PDF, PowerPoint, audio, video, Flash animation, jpg and many other common file types, directly inside Cumulus.