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CallTrackingMetrics sends call data into Marketo so you can see the full picture of how your online and offline campaigns are performing.


Phone calls are critical to managing and optimizing the performance of your marketing campaigns. With toll-free and local phone numbers in over 80 countries, CallTrackingMetrics provides businesses with the ability to successfully track online and offline campaign efforts. 

As calls come in, they are associated back to the exact advertising channel and sent into Marketo as a lead. In addition, Marketo forms integrate seamlessly with CallTrackingMetrics, so that new submissions automatically trigger a call back to your sales team. 

CallTrackingMetrics also provides rich caller profile data and captures critical session and keyword level data to help optimize campaign performance. 

Key Features

  • Direct API connection between the two systems allows for easy, instant set up. 
  • Customize parameters to only send calls into Marketo that meet certain criteria. 
  • As calls come in, they will appear in Marketo associated to the correct lead. 
  • Leads are cross-referenced with calls and associated website visits using email address and Munchkin ID to ensure an exact match. 
  • In CallTrackingMetrics, each call will have direct link to the lead inside Marketo making it easy to toggle back and forth between systems. 
  • Create custom objects in Marketoto view additional details about each call.
  • Customize the call data that is sent into Marketo for every call through custom field mapping. Send information such as agent name, product/account ID, keywords, call recording link, and IP address into Marketo.
  • Integrate Marketo forms with CallTrackingMetrics, allowing your sales team to be instantly connected with form leads. 
  • Leverage text messaging to generate leads and view campaign data in conjunction with overall marketing.

This integration can be set up in minutes and offers unlimited customization to ensure that your business knows exactly which campaigns are leading to phone calls and conversions. 



Call Reporting

Know exactly which phone calls, forms submissions, and text message campaigns are performing and what’s leading to conversions.

Call Security

Our user-friendly security measures make it easy for customers to spend less time on compliance and more time running their business.

Conversation Analytics

Make the most of every call and gain valuable conversations insights with call recordings, call transcriptions, live listen, and keyword spotting.

Text Messaging

Leverage text messaging as an effective way to generate and nurture leads. Schedule texts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Call Management

Personalize the customer experience with advanced call routing and automation tools.

Agency Tools

Custom account structures and access levels, white labeling, flexible billing options, and client-level reporting designed for agencies and resellers.

Max Limit (6 Features)


By tracking only clicks and online conversions, businesses are missing a critical piece of the customer journey. 

CallTrackingMetrics' integration with Marketo automatically shares lead information with Marketo when a new phone call is received from a website session and we cross check to make sure the caller does not already exist in the system, using the unique Munchkin ID.

The integration provides a variety of customization options by giving you the ability to create custom objects in Marketo that can be associated with your leads. These custom objects contain critical information about your calls such as the call recording, transcription, agent name and notes, and conversion information.

All of your call, form, and text messaging data combines with Marketo reporting for complete visibility into overall marketing performance. With CallTrackingMetrics, you'll know exactly which Marketo-powered campaigns are driving phone calls and conversions. 


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CallTrackingMetrics has allowed our team to better optimize our campaigns to improve return on ad spend and appeal better to our client's needs.
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