SMS Text Messaging, Voice Broadcasting, & Ringless Voicemail

By CallLoop

Add SMS text messages, voice broadcasts, and ringless voicemails to your Marketo workflows. Plus, capture leads from text message replies.


Call Loop makes it easy to send automated, personalized, and customized voice broadcasts and sms text messages to your Marketo contacts.

In a matter of minutes, you can start automating your voice and text message communication with the Marketo + Call Loop integration.

Automate Your Appointment Reminders

Let Call Loop automate your appointment reminders. Decrease and prevent no-shows by sending an automated text message. Save time and improve the response to your marketing campaigns!

Send Mass Voice & Text Messages

Send tens or tens of thousands of messages to your contacts with lightning-fast delivery. Keep your audience informed of late-breaking news and updates.

Personalize Your SMS Text Messages

Easily merge in custom information in your text messages to provide a personalized engagement with your contacts.

"Press 1" To Transfer Voice Broadcasts

Have listeners press a digit on their keypad to transfer to another phone line. Use it to automate declined credit cards, lead generation, bill collection, and outbound sales. Collect more revenue, reliably!

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Short Code SMS Text Messaging

With Call Loop, you can send thousands of bulk SMS text messages using a short code. Add texting to your Marketo workflows to send targeted messages.

Capture Leads From Texts

Easily capture email leads from text messages and add them to your Marketo workflows automatically!

Voice Broadcasting

Send targeted voice broadcast messages to your Marketo contacts using Workflows. Create your customized audio message and we'll deliver it.

Ringless Voicemail

Our TCPA compliant ringless voicemail software, gives you a simple way to drop thousands of audio messages straight to your contacts voicemail.

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Easily integrate and automate your voice broadcasts and sms text messages into your Marketo workflows.

  • Leverage Marketo for collecting leads with webforms to automatically grow your Mobile Marketing lists.
  • Integrate voice and text messages into Smart Campaigns using simple Marketo webhooks or virtually anywhere inside of Marketo.
  • Trigger messages based on precise targeting, segmenting, and filtering.
  • Easily customize and personalize your text messages with contact merge fields 

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