CAKE Multi-Channel Tracking & Attribution


CAKE delivers insights across customer acquisition channels to help build deep, enduring relationships.


CAKE for Marketo Launchpoint provides a complete view into the channels driving customer acquisition and customer lifetime value.

The integration shows marketers the steps that were needed to acquire a customer, the order in which those steps were taken and how valuable that customer relationship is over its lifetime.

Track and Act in Real-time 

  • Evaluate ad campaigns in real-time
  • Target ads with rich, granular insights
  • Stay connected with automated alerts and mobile app

Bring Clarity to Campaigns

  • Customize reports to meet your needs
  • Onboard new affiliates in hours, not weeks 
  • Gain more pre-funnel visibility 

Make Intelligent Marketing Decisions

  • Track all digital channels on a single dashboard
  • Open APIs and seamless integrations with Adwords, Bing, Invoca, Tipalti and more
  • Build more targeted campaigns using insights from CAKE and Marketo

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CAKE and Marketo work in sync to flush out the larger context of digital spend across multiple channels including mobile, video, affiliate, email, display, shopping and social. 

Here's How It Works: 

  1. Generate tracking pixels in CAKE
  2. Place those pixels on ad creative, landing pages and other marketing assets
  3. When users take pre-determined actions toward conversions, CAKE tracks each step
  4. Run concise reports to see how your marketing tools are performing

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