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Map revenue from first contact to final contract. Drive higher campaign ROI by analyzing end to end revenue progression through Marketo & Salesforce.


Change the way sales and marketing deliver with C9’s LeadMap for Marketo. The only solution that provides a panoramic view of the sales pipeline. For the first time, users traverse the entire pipe from lead inception to opportunity close to deliver previously out of reach insights such as:

  • Which campaigns can be paired to deliver higher ROI
  • How should marketing engage in late stage opportunities to improve close rates
  • How to refine marketing plans to better support geo, product or account based sales targets

Multi-touch Program ROI
Conventional marketing automation solutions attribute leads to the campaign that last touched them and don’t account for activity after leads were passed to sales. Because C9 looks across lead and opportunity data, it can analyze the full set of marketing interactions to determine the best series of campaigns

Lead Mapping
Typically, sales organizations are organized around hierarchies while marketers track leads in an aggregated funnel. With visibility into the early stage leads in Marketo as well as the sales territories definitions from Salesforce.com, C9 can represent lead generation efforts based on the sales hierarchy, flag marketing coverage gaps and ensure that sales and marketing are aligned

Marketing Influence
Traditionally, marketing impact is measured by opportunities directly linked to campaigns. With full visibility into Marketo and Salesforce.com, C9 can identify all the deals that marketing has influenced regardless of campaign. In this way companies get a more accurate read on marketing’s impact resulting in better future marketing decisions

Lead to Revenue Projection
C9’s predictive sales engine combines early stage lead information with opportunity data to determine which deals will close. It determines the number of leads needed to hit revenue targets and the projected revenue that current lead volumes will support. This forward looking view allows sales and marketing professionals to identify and respond to shortfalls

Lead Progression Analysis
C9 adds a time dimension to data and traces every lead as it passes through the sales pipeline. Marketers immediately know how many net new leads were generated in a given time period, which progressed, stalled or moved backward. They can also zero in on MQLs that haven’t been worked and request immediate action from sales to determine overall lead generation effectiveness and address break downs in the lead maturation process


C9’s LeadMap for Marketo is designed to seamlessly integrate with Marketo, pulling lead data into C9’s temporal database via Marketo’s secure API. C9 captures lead information in its entirety, doing away with the restrictions imposed by narrowly focused BI snapshots and providing the broadest range of insights into lead progression. Additionally, since C9 captures Marketo data in its native format, there’s no need to configure and maintain resource intensive ETL processes. C9 LeadMap for Marketo can be deployed in a matter of days and once it has been enabled, it collects data automatically.

In addition to maintaining a complete history of Marketo lead information, C9’s temporal database captures source data from Salesforce.com. It merges information from these two sources and appends a time-based dimension, allowing users to view the progression of every lead across any time period. C9 then uses its proprietary predictive analytics engine to project anticipated revenues and flag pipeline risk.

The Result
C9’s LeadMap for Marketo is the only solution that delivers a panoramic view of your pipeline. For the first time, users can traverse the entire pipe from lead inception to opportunity close. This new level of visibility delivers insights that were previously out of reach—which campaigns can be paired to deliver higher ROI, how should marketing engage in late stage opportunities to improve close rates, and how can marketing plans be refined to better support geography, product or account based sales targets. 

What’s more, C9’s patent pending predictive analytics engine allows users to move easily from historical analyses to forward looking projections, giving sales and marketing professionals the lead time they need to address sales and marketing programs that are off pace.

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