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Empower a new future of inbound marketing and beyond. We unify people, creativity, and technology to optimize campaigns and conversion rates.
Main Features
  • Brand integration
  • Inbound and SEO
  • Lead generation and nurture
  • Marketing automation

Your marketing demands innovative technology to succeed.

That’s why at Burns Marketing, we are creative business technologists empowering a new future of marketing. One that brings together people, creativity, and technology to give business exactly what it needs – results born from breakthrough brands, web interactions that convert prospects into customers, and measurable campaigns that people act on.

If you want to boost your lead generation and inbound marketing initiatives this year, put our expertise to work for you.


  • We'll employ our buyer persona discovery process to ensure that we validate your customers habits during their typical sales cycle.
  • We'll help you develop content that will fuel more qualified leads across every buyer journey stage.
  • We integrate brand development into your campaigns so every customer interaction is consistently engaging.
  • From demand generation to sales enablement, we manage campaigns to ensure optimum conversion.
  • We help you achieve the full benefits of Marketo for all your inbound marketing needs.

Call us today at 970-203-9656 to start executing marketing programs that will elevate your results.