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BrightTALK provides webinars and videos for professionals and their communities.


BrightTALK helps marketers engage customers throughout the buying process with an easy-to-use webinar and video platform that integrates seamlessly with Marketo and a community of over 7 million B2B professional users.

BrightTALK's Marketo connector simplifies and automates the entire process of nurturing buyers with rich media content while providing powerful insights from real-time engagement data about how your prospects consume webinars and videos.

BrightTALK's new Marketo connector streamlines the marketer's job in 2 ways:

1. It significantly decreases time required to manually connect data from BrightTALK to Marketo. With this advanced integration, there’s no need to create a separate event program for each webinar or wait 24 hours for data to sync.

2. The new connector syncs every 60 minutes, automatically pushing all BrightTALK data into Marketo and giving sales teams quicker access to leads and insights to spark more productive follow-up conversations. 

BrightTALK content is sharable and portable with embeds that can add your content to any website. Live webinars are instantly converted to recorded versions, which will generate 60%-70% more leads from on-demand viewership. 



Sync all webinar registration, attendance and engagement data directly from BrightTALK™ to a Marketo event with the BrightTALK-Marketo connector. Attendee information syncs to Marketo events in real time, so Marketo's responses to these updates can be virtually instantaneous.

By using Marketo smart campaigns, tokens, emails and a little creativity, tasks like sending a customized email alerting a registrant that a webinar is now available on demand can be set to happen automatically as soon as the live session concludes. For attendees of the live session, an email thanking them for attending can be similarly configured. 

Also, webinar registration or viewing can trigger Marketo lead alerts, passing leads over to your sales team. If the lead has already been passed to sales, a sales representative can quickly see that the lead has just engaged with your content and is likely open to receiving another phone call. 

For more information on the BrightTALK-Marketo connector and how to utilize it, please refer to the user guide and best practices.

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