B2B Marketing Attribution & Forecasting

By BrightFunnel

BrightFunnel gives CMOs and their teams the complete picture of marketing’s impact on revenue.


BrightFunnel is the pioneer in revenue attribution and forecasting for B2B marketers. For the first time, CMOs and their teams have a complete picture of marketing’s impact on revenue. Through multi-touch attribution and intelligent forecasting, B2B marketers can now understand the revenue impact of every decision, and align marketing plans with business priorities.

Features of BrightFunnel include:

Multi-Touch Revenue Attribution
Accurately measure impact on pipeline and revenue, and…

  • Which campaigns are most effective in sourcing MQLs.
  • Which campaigns effectively influenced opportunities.
  • Which efforts produce the shortest velocity results.
  • What types of campaigns and channels perform best.

Revenue Waterfall™
Track progress across buyers’ journey stages, and…

  • How MQLs generated last quarter are performing today.
  • Where your leads are getting stuck.
  • Which buyers’ journey paths are working best.

Planning and Prediction
Plan against goals and forecast future outcomes, and…

  • Know which investments to make now to achieve targets.
  • Forecast how much pipeline and revenue marketing will generate in any given period.
  • Identify messages that work and A/B test themes across segments.

BrightFunnel’s clients include data-driven B2B organizations such as Hootsuite, Hortonworks, Nimble Storage and ServiceMax.



BrightFunnel's Marketo Integration allows you to gain valuable insight into how leads within Marketo have progressed through your revenue cycle. Through this integration, you'll be able to:

  • Find velocity and conversion rates of leads as they move through each stage in your funnel
  • See the current status of Marketo leads created during a quarter
  • Compare the lead progression between your different regional and product channels


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