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Brightcove Video Connect For Marketo

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The most comprehensive suite of video technologies, built for the needs of the modern marketer.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Track Leads & Contacts
  • Capture Leads
  • Measure & Increase ROI

Brightcove’s Video Marketing Suite is a complete solution for your video marketing success. The VMS provides all the tools needed to publish, distribute, and optimize videos across channels and measure their success. By linking Brightcove to your marketing automation platform, you’ll be able to:

  • TRACK LEADS: Track which videos your leads and contacts are viewing, track their engagement, automate communications, score leads, and collect contact information.
  • CAPTURE LEADS: Create, customize and present lead forms to your viewers within the player.
  • MEASURE & INCREASE ROI: Directly track ROI and video marketing success by tying video analytics and lead information to your contacts in your Marketing Platform and CRM.

With Brightcove you can make sure your video isn’t a black box in your marketing strategy. Join our over 5,000 video customers integrating their video with their marketing automation strategies to create rich exciting AWESOME customer experiences. The world’s most admired brands power their video marketing with Brightcove.


Download this whitepaper, “4 Must Do’s For the Modern Marketer” & learn how to:
  • Get even more out of your marketing automation investment
  • Obtain better insight with video analytics
  • Make video a seamless part of your workflow
  • Measure and understand the impact of video marketing

Marketo Integration

The Audience module integration with Marketo consists of two main components:

  • Brightcove Player plug-in to enable tracking of video views data
  • Synchronization process to send tracking data from Video Cloud to Marketo

Here are some of the key features of Video Cloud - Marketo integration:

Lead forms
Create lead forms that will appear automatically for new viewers to collect information that is passed to Marketo.
Data format
Video cloud viewing data is delivered to Marketo as a page view, or a virtual web visit. The web page visit event contains query parameters that indicate the viewer's level of engagement. The data that is replicated to Marketo is as follows:
  • Video Name
  • Video ID
  • Account ID (Video Cloud)
  • Page URL (URL of the referring page)
  • Player ID (Video Cloud player)
  • % Watched (25%, 50%, 75%, 95%)
Data transfer
Viewing data is sent immediately to Marketo when the audience-enabled Brightcove player generates it. However, some reports in the Marketo platform itself may take some time to refresh.
Data retention
Data collected can optionally be retained in Video Cloud for up to 6 months.