DIY Webhook Library for Marketo

By Bright Aspects, Inc.

Do you need to be a programmer to use webhooks? No you don't. Introducing Bright Hooks. Ever ordered a book on Amazon? Then you can do this..


Webhooks are a breeze to setup and use in Marketo. But building your own webhook service may not be that easy.

Fellow Marketo users told us that while they can conceive amazing flows in Marketo with webhooks, they are held back due to lack of programming and IT resources. Setting up webhook service generally need IT support, and programming resource for coding, debugging and hosting your web services. It can take a few days just to line up these resources. 

With BrightHooks powered webhooks, you get up and running in 10 minutes or less. There are 40+ webhooks you can use immediately.Thus for less than 5% of the cost of developing 1 webhook service yourself, you get an ever increasing library of well-tested webhooks.

We've taken care of all the technical aspects. You do not need any coding, and no server setup needed. Simple web based interface to create your own webhooks. If you can order a book on Amazon, you can create a webhook on It’s that simple.

Now you can be the 'Marketing Star'. Yes, you can amaze your colleagues by building amazing webhooks powered programs.

But what can you do with BrightHooks?


  • Limit number of registrations for event registration form
  • Create a map for the event
  • Generate personalized event ticket


  • Fetch next unused promotion code from an Excel list
  • Generate unique coupon code
  • Generate personalized PDF files / certificates / tickets automatically

Data Generation

  • Generate personalized QR code
  • Generate unique id / promo code

Data Augmentation

  • Calculate age from birthdate
  • Maintain activity history over 3 months

Data Cleansing

  • Cleanup Address from USPS database
  • Abbreviate US state to 2 char code.

Data Decision

  • Check if one field contains in another
  • Wildcard (*) pattern matching
  • Email domain ‘Ends with’

Data Formatting

  • Format currency values
  • Format phone numbers
  • Display numbers in ordinal format

Data Manipulation

  • Apply proper case to names
  • Localize date
  • Replace part of a field

Data Transformation

  • Cleanup referrer 
  • GUID to friendly value lookup

Data Extraction

  • Extract part of a field
  • Extract domain from email address
  • XPATH for XML data

Data Validation

  • Filter junk values
  • Verify email addresses if reachable

Time of Inquiry

  • Suspend MQL updates for holidays
  • Personalize message based on time of inquiry & business hours


  • Show current time in lead’s time zone


We can create custom webhooks for your specific needs.


40+ pre built web hooks

40+ pre built web hooks, ready to use

10 minutes or less

Create work flows in Marketo in 10 minutes or less

No Coding needed

You do not have to be a programmer. If you can order a book on Amazon, you can do this...

No IT support needed

You do not need any help from your IT department.

We can build custom web hooks

Bright Hooks provided a web hook platform so that we can build custom web hook specifically for you for your specific needs.

Max Limit (6 Features)

Integration, is an extremely useful service that essentially lets you pick any web hook service from a set of 35+ web hooks and call it from a Marketo Smart Campaign.

Even if you consider yourself non-technical, you don't need your developer to do it. You do not even need any help from your IT guy. You can do it all by yourself. You’d be able to make some serious Marketo magic and it’s a piece of cake.

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