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Brandwatch Social Media Analytics

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Listen, analyze and act with confidence. Find critical data among millions of sources and drive action with advanced social listening and analytics.
Main Features
  • Find leads on social
  • Uncover actionable insights
  • Measure campaign impact
  • Identify brand influencers

Brandwatch is one of the world’s leading social intelligence companies. It allows you to proactively generate leads online by finding people talking about products or services you can provide. Track conversations on forums and blogs across the web as well as social media sites. Understand the needs of your potential customers with detailed breakdowns and set up highly customizable alerts to let your sales or marketing teams act quickly to engage with leads while they're still fresh.

Key features

  • Purchase intent queries: Cut through the noise by searching for signs of purchase intent to find and engage with leads that are most relevant and ready to buy.
  • Comprehensive data: Track millions of conversations from forums and blogs across the web as well as social networks.
  • Deep analytics: Understand the problems people want solved and tailor your marketing and sales accordingly to provide your potential customers with what they really need.
  • Alerts: Send alerts as soon as a lead is discovered to anyone in your team so they can respond before the competition.
  • Demographics: Easily and quickly examine your data in customizable charts to understand who your target customers are and where they're gathering online.
  • Competitor tracking: Find your competitors’ disgruntled customers and turn them into leads of your own.
  • Highly Flexible: Brandwatch Analytics is highly flexible, with a wide range of features designed to help you get the most out of your data. That includes an extensive selection of filters, automated and manual categorization capabilities, Alerts, flexible charting, topic and sentiment analysis, and plenty more besides.
  • Built for collaboration: We know that collaboration is key when it comes to social, so we also have plenty of workflow features and provide unlimited users as standard.

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