Brainshark for Marketing Automation Systems

By Brainshark Inc.

Brainshark helps reps learn and prepare wherever, whenever, and however they work – so they're always ready for any selling situation.


Brainshark sales enablement and readiness software equips businesses with the training, coaching and content needed increase sales productivity and win more deals. 

With Brainshark, companies can: enable sales teams with on-demand training that accelerates onboarding and keeps reps up-to-speed; validate readiness with sales coaching and practice that ensures reps master your message; and empower sales organizations with rich, dynamic content that can be created quickly, updated easily, and accessed anywhere. 

Thousands of companies –including more than half of the Fortune 100 – rely on Brainshark to identify and close performance gaps, and get better results from their sales enablement initiatives. 


  • Transform PowerPoints, PDFs, webpages and more into compelling, voice-enriched presentations
  • Prepare your sellers with the content they need to capture the attention of buyers
  • Deliver training that accelerates ramp-up and keeps reps continuously up-to-speed
  • Ensure sellers can demonstrate mastery of key messages via video coaching activities
  • Measure, score and certify team preparedness across your entire organization


Together, Brainshark and Marketo provide a powerful solution to help organizations improve the results of their email campaigns. By incorporating Brainshark presentations, marketers can capture unique viewing data and behavior of the recipient. You can pull the details of your audience’s actual level of engagement with your content, enabling you to increase the success of your demand generation, lead nurturing, lead scoring and social media programs. 

A Salesforce integration is a requirement for this use case. 

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