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Boxpilot Call Trigger

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Boxpilot Call Trigger allows you to initiate calling programs based on an action taken by your prospects.
Main Features
  • Instant follow-up
  • Timed touches
  • Lead Nurture calls
  • Lend a voice to email outreach

We can design programs which are Triggered by specific prospect actions.  These can be based on actions in your CRM, marketing automation platform, website, email, etc.  Any action by your prospect can launch a triggered Boxpilot program.

Some example of triggers that could launch a program could be:

  • Web Form completion
  • White paper download
  • A click through,
  • Website visitors
  • And more!

And when any of these happen, Boxpilot Call is Triggered. A phone call, a text, a voicemail message... We make phone contact easy to integrate within your Marketo workflows.