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Transform Email Into a Top 3 Performing Revenue Channel with People-Based Marketing


BounceX’s proprietary identification software uses People-Based Marketing to send the right message to the right person at the right time. In today’s marketing ecosystem, consumers want to be treated like people, not audiences. The first step for brands is moving away from non-persistent cookies to identifiers that recognize individuals across devices, sessions and browsers. With a partner like BounceX, these brands can serve all consumers relevant, intent-based communications that take into account their preferences and digital body language. Marketers know who they’re talking to, no matter the format, and they know exactly what to say to get consumers to convert. 

Add Marketo’s robust automation software to this equation, and brands have a powerful machine to identify and drive leads through the pipeline. In the simplest terms, with Marketo and BounceX, brands can send more emails to more high-intent leads.  

With BounceX, enterprises are benefitting from:

  • Hyper List Growth
    • Collect emails from highest intent prospects & turn them into customers
    • 10-12x Industry Avg
  • Identification
    • 6-10X increase in known traffic with BounceX
  • True People-Based Marketing
    • Our expert team of developers, designers, data scientists and conversion specialists power the end-to-end design and development of behaviorally driven digital experiences to create maximum value with no additional resources.


BounceX’s identification technology coupled with Marketo's Marketing Automation technology creates a powerful infrastructure for identifying and effectively marketing to a previously untapped cohort of consumers. The integration itself is an API connecter between Marketo and BounceX that is fully managed and implemented by BounceX Client Success Managers. The only requirement for Marketo users is the placement of a Javascript tag on site…leave the rest to us. 

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