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Transform Email Into a Top 5 Performing Revenue Channel
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Hyper List Growth
  • Behavioral Email
  • Omni-Device Replenishment
  • Real-Time API Integration

Looking for a New Top 5 Revenue Generating Channel? BounceX's Behavioral Marketing Cloud is the only platform to de-anonymize site visitors, generate behavioral profiles for these visitors, and create the most relevant, intent-based communications regardless of channel, browser, or device. 

BounceX was built to extract maximum opt-ins from your most valued site visitors at the precise moment they are most willing to provide their email address. This almighty email address is subsequently used as a unique identifier for that consumer, to which a unique behavioral profile is built. This people-based marketing approach empowers brands to create impactful communications based on that individuals' digitally expressed intent on any device, channel or browser. 

With BounceX, enterprises are benefitting from:

  • Hyper List Growth
    • Collect emails from highest intent prospects & turn them into customers
    • 12x Industry Avg
  • Behavioral Email
    • Send an unprecedented volume of customized (BX) triggered emails (OMC)
    • 8.3x Industry Avg
  • Omni-Device Replenishment 
    • Recreate cart for visitors returning on different devices
    • Leverage true People-Based Marketing

Our expert team of developers, designers, data scientists and conversion specialists power the end-to-end design and development of behaviorally driven digital experiences to create maximum value with no additional resources.

Marketo Integration


BounceX’s Behavioral Marketing Cloud™ de-anonymizes website visitors, enabling organizations to unlock people-based marketing experiences. For the first time, online businesses are able to target previously unidentifiable opportunities both on and off their website. BounceX Behavioral Marketing technology coupled with Marketo's Marketing Automation technology creates a powerful infrastructure for identifying, and effectively marketing a previously untapped cohort of consumers. To learn more about BounceX or Behavioral Marketing, go to


The integration between Marketo and BounceX is fully managed and implemented by BounceX Conversion Directors. The only requirement for Marketo users is the placement of a Javascript tag on site... leave the rest up to us.