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Boulder Logic Reference Manager

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The Boulder Logic customer reference management software helps you close more sales by leveraging your most valuable asset, your happy customers.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Automate customer references
  • Reward your best advocates
  • Prevent overuse and burnout
  • Streamline with Marketo

Boulder Logic helps you close more sales by leveraging your most valuable asset, happy customers.

We help provide your sales and marketing teams with the right customer references or testimonial materials at the right time with:

  • Intelligent Reference Search: Find the best reference for your sales and marketing needs every time with powerful search functionality.
  • Self-service Content: Access prepared reference materials on demand.
  • Automated Workflows: Dramatically reduce the number of manual steps required to receive live customer references with specialized tools.

Boulder Logic Reference Manager is a complete sales and marketing software solution that addresses the common challenges associated with customer reference management including finding the right reference, delivering self-service content, tracking customers’ preferences and preventing overuse of your customers.

With Boulder Logic you can simplify these tasks through a private, web accessible database about customers' successful experiences with your product. Your can then easily track the use of these references to maximize sales success, measure ROI and continually enhance your customer reference program.

Make references an active part of your selling process with Boulder Logic.

Marketo Integration

Boulder Logic’s integration with Marketo works on two levels:


Firstly, it allows those clients using Salesforce to achieve best-in-class reference management using marketing automation to:

  1. Create a single, enterprise customer reference platform
  2. Automatically invite customers to become a reference
  3. Collect customer quotes, benefits achieved, and reference story details
  4. Reward customers for completed references activities
  5. Create triggers and your own field mappings with no coding required

The Boulder Logic integration with Marketo uses the highly rated Boulder Logic forAppExchange connector for seamless, real-time synchronization. 

Secondly, through the integration of Boulder Logic’s Published Pages™ capability with marketing campaigns within Marketo. Boulder Logic Published Pages™ make it simple for salespeople to proactively deliver customer reference marketing content on personalized microsites that also track when a prospect visits and/or shares those microsites.

Boulder Logic Integration

Boulder Logic has now made it possible to pass tracking and notification information back into Marketo so that a campaign can be adjusted accordingly. Examples include:

  1. notifying the sales person that the microsite has been viewed and/or shared
  2. notifying the sales person who has viewed the microsite based on the Marketo cookie
  3. triggering actions in the campaign based on view/no view
  4. addition of microsite usage data to Marketo Lead Scoring

The integration of Marketo’s marketing automation solution with Boulder Logic’s reference management solution truly closes the loop on lifecycle marketing.