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Boomtrain In-Email Behavioral Personalization

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Boomtrain helps Marketo customers deliver incredible 1:1 user experiences at scale via machine intelligence and predictive personalization.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Surface 1:1 dynamic content
  • Custom-built algorithm
  • Deep 360° audience insights
  • Email, onsite and mobile

Turn your data into engagement, retention and brand love! Boomtrain's advanced machine learning system enables Marketo customers to connect with the right customers, at the right time, using the content or products most likely to engage every individual.

Engagement matters. With Boomtrain, marketers can:

  • Automatically surface dynamic, 1:1 content
  • Gain insights into your audience via deep content analysis combined with user behavior tracking
  • Apply your unique business rules to custom-built algorithms
  • Include editor curations to balance dynamic recommendations
  • Take personalization across all your channels (email, onsite, mobile)

What's the result? Our publishing and e-commerce clients regularly see 50 - 100% increases in email click through rates and 2-4x engagement metrics.

Marketo Integration

Let Boomtrain create the best user experience possible in your Marketo emails in just a few steps:

1. Start tracking your users and content/product 

2. Configure your dynamic image in the Boomtrain platform

3. Copy and paste your snippet directly into your Marketo template just one time

Once integrated, rapidly deploy across channels (email, onsite, mobile) for a seamless personalization experience boosting brand love.

Yeah. It's really that easy to get the most advanced machine intelligence around implemented into your campaigns!