The leading provider of Intent data for B2B marketing and sales.

By Bombora

Bombora's Company Surge™ for Marketo identifies when businesses are actively researching your products or services.


Take the guess work out of sales and marketing 

There are B2B businesses in active research mode for your products and services. But do you know who they are? According to Bombora's content consumption data, only 15% of your target companies are in an active buying cycle for your products or services at any given time. Missing an opportunity to reach a target account in an active buying cycle could result in years of waiting for another opportunity. Bombora arms you with the knowledge of which target prospects are interested in what topics so you can effectively score leads and segment your audience, create timely content that makes an impact, and execute ABM strategies to move prospects through the sales funnel. 

What is Intent data? 

Bombora is the leading provider of B2B Intent data for sales and marketing. Bombora tracks the content consumption of business users at millions of companies through our B2B data collective of leading media companies and niche special interest destinations. This consumption occurs across the B2B web and spikes when those companies are in active research mode for a certain topic, product, or service, and can provide insight into a prospective customer’s potential intent to take action.  Bombora monitors over 4,000 topics in our taxonomy.

Using Intent data, Bombora identifies which of your target organizations are actively researching your products and services, signaling when and what they want to hear from you. A Surge Score represents the intensity of that consumption across a range from zero to 100 for your relevant topics, and scores above 60 represent an increase in intent.

Increase engagement with target contacts or companies

Drive lift in email open rates by focusing on target prospects in active research mode. By running an A/B test of contacts demonstrating active intent against a control group, Bombora’s customer Turbonomic increased email open rates by 36%. Follow-on sales outreach resulted in 80% of sales opportunities coming from the contacts with active intent. 


Bombora's Company Surge for Marketo enriches your contacts with B2B Intent data in the form of custom objects through Marketo's REST API. By subscribing to topics that are relevant to your products or services, Bombora automatically associates your contacts with their research intensity against those topics (represented by a Topic Score), and the location (state, country) of that activity. Newly added or modified contacts are matched nightly with relevant information, and the data is refreshed weekly with the most recent Intent data.

Intent data can be used to better segment your audience, re-engage dormant contacts, prioritize target accounts, personalize offers. All seamlessly integrated with your Marketo platform. 

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We layer Company Surge™ data to get an overall account score and go after target companies with high scores across our ABM channels and have seen the number of engaged contacts increase.
Kari Hodgson, Couchbase