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Bluenose is a customer success platform that empowers SaaS businesses to proactively manage customers.


Companies with subscription-based business models must retain customers and reduce churn by building the role of Customer Success.  Bluenose is a customer success platform that empowers SaaS businesses to proactively manage customers through complete visibility, a robust early warning system, and built-in playbooks.


Bluenose gives you a 360-degree view of your customers. The proprietary health scoring enables you to put your resources toward the right clients at the right time, as well as the ability to identify upsell opportunities.


Customer Lifecycle

Make lifecycle marketing easier and more effective with Bluenose. Because Bluenose offers unparalleled insights into usage data, you can build personalized campaigns based on what your customers are actually doing.


Customer Health Scoring

Bluenose offers alerts that act as an early-warning sign for customers who may churn. This delivers a powerful opportunity to re-engage customers before it’s too late.


Customer Success Workflows

Tired of having all of your customer data in separate siloes? Bluenose gives you a 360-degree profile of your customers in one, easy-to-manage location. Bluenose works seamlessly with top tools like Marketo to automate your activities.


Customer Success Community

Bluenose offers a wealth of best-in-class resources and content to supercharge your Customer Success team. This includes a robust community filled with Customer Success professionals, eBooks, Whitepapers and blog.


Bluenose integrates with Marketo to deliver intelligent marketing campaigns.

Have you ever wanted to create a dynamic Marketing campaign targeting customers who are at risk of churning? How about your customers who aren’t adopting one of your key features?

Taking advantage of our 360-degree customer profile and predictive analytics you can create customer segments within Marketo based on:

  • Customer Health
  • Product Usage
  • Upsell or Early Warning Alerts
  • And Many More Customer Attributes

The integration uses Marketo’s SOAP API to deliver a seamless connection between Bluenose and Marketo.

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