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Bluecore  |  Applications
Bluecore enables eCommerce marketers to create and distribute personalized triggered emails, reacting to changes in customer and catalog behaviors.
Main Features
  • Integrate in days, not months
  • Customer behavior triggers
  • Merchandising triggers
  • Partner Strategy & Insights

Simply put, too many marketing automation programs require extensive integration resources and lack the responsiveness to drive customer conversion. Bluecore addresses this problem head on with a turn-key JavaScript based solution that helps the marketer launch automated triggered email programs without ever talking to an IT team - in days. This is a single line of code placed on a retailer’s eCommerce website. No data feeds required - or wanted for that matter.

Bluecore automates the process of creating and distributing emails, dynamically reacting to both customer behaviors (browse, search, cart) and catalog changes (price change, back in stock, low inventory) in seconds. Our partners get the control and immediate results without any of the heavy lifting.