is a data integration and cloud automation platform


Easily integrate Marketo with your CRM and other marketing and sales tools. Create Data Blends to sync and enrich data and automate any workflow.

About is a data integration and cloud automation platform. Easily integrate and automate +120 sales and marketing tools. 

Combine, sync and enrich data from your CRM, marketing automation applications, social media accounts, mailing tools, project management platforms, helpdesks and other applications.

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By combining multiple data sources in you can automate any workflow across your cloud tools, create complex customer segments, apply machine learning,  share dashboards, orchestrate your campaigns and leverage features of all your tools.

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Data synchronisation

Use Data Blends to synchronise data between your sales & marketing tools, e.g. send your webshop purchases to Marketo.


Orchestrate your digital marketing and sales. Automate any data flow, without coding.

Controlled data entry & enrichment

Build dashboards for controlled data entry, e.g. allow sales teams to enter new leads from a central dashboard.


Blend data from multiple tools to create segments, and push segments to Marketo, your CRM, and advertising tools.

Predictive segmentation & big data

Link Marketo to e.g. Amazon Machine Learning to build predictive segments, or send your Marketo data to Amazon Redshift for BI analytics.

Ad campaign orchestration

Use Data Blends to link Marketo with your Facebook audiences’ and Google Adwords.

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Integrate Marketo with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Amazon Machine Learning, Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and many other applications.

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With you can integrate any type of data available in your tools without coding: leads, prospects, contacts, account, segments, audiences, profiles, campaigns, ads, mailings, social media profiles, purchasing behavior etc.

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