Bizible Marketing Attribution & Reporting

By Bizible Marketing Analytics

Bizible is a marketing attribution solution that automatically tracks the revenue and ROI of your marketing.


Bizible enables companies to manage their marketing for revenue with accurate and comprehensive measurement and reporting of campaigns and channels.

Understand exactly where revenue is generated with a unified view if B2B marketing attribution by connecting marketing for both your digital and offline channels.

  • Tie all marketing activity from first touch to revenue, whether they happen online or offline
  • Advanced B2B specific multi-touch attribution models including w-shaped and custom models
  • Account based marketing (ABM) tracking and predictive account engagement
  • Works independently of forms and landing pages; Supports Google Analytics UTM parameters and more
  • Plan for revenue with quality performance data, machine learning, and what-if scenario modeling

Best of all, Bizible is a snap to install and a customer success representative is with you at every step. Fill out the form on the right to get started.


Bizible integrates with Marketo Programs to track offline campaigns such as events and the Muchkin tag for online channel insights.

Integrating Bizible with Marketo is is easy and can be completed in a screenshare with a Bizible success representative. The only requirement is that you have privileges that include with access to API credentials. To schedule your integration, please email

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