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Use Birst to analyze, explore and visualize Marketo and all your other data in one place.


Companies of all sizes are using Birst to look at their marketing more strategically.
Using Birst, companies like American Express, Jive and, are analyzing marketing campaign data, social and web interactions of their prospects in combination with historical information such as past purchases and support issues to create targeted offers, promotion and up-sell opportunities. Others are using Birst to measure the impact of marketing against business metrics such as revenue, customer life time value and lead to cash cycle time.

Birst provides analytics and visual discovery on data from Marketo,, NetSuite, Google Analytics, Social Media sources and more. Birst automates transformation of disparate data sources into a single analytic-ready catalog of business information for business users to easily visualize, analyze and explore.

Enterprises like CBS Interactive, Citrix, Kellogg’s, AT&T and are using Birst to think faster than their competition.

Birst ranked #1 (among 43 BI vendors) for product functionality, sales and service experience in 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant survey and was recognized as the #1 Cloud BI vendor by Howard Dresner for two consecutive years (2012 and 2013).


Business users can combine, analyze and visualize data from Marketo and other sources such as, NetSuite, Google Analytics, Social Media sources and more. Birst provides direct integration with Marketo by:

  • Using Marketo SOAP API for authentication and data extraction
  • Providing both real time as well scheduled extraction for a single or multiple objects
  • Extracting data in bulk as well as incremental using Last Modified Date or Activity Date
  • Offering rich visualizations, reporting and dashboards for data exploration and analysis

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