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Connect your Bevy user and event data to your Marketo marketing solution.



Scale Your Community

  • Manage your global organization in one place.
  • Deep admin tools to update and customize the website.
  • Control and own your customer data and brand footprint.
  • Integrate content publishing, discussions, and user profiles.

Prove ROI

  • Robust measurements detail your effectiveness.
  • Tie success back to your core product sales channel API.
  • Track and rank groups by metric, region, or time frame.
  • Compare and contrast year over year and region by region.

Empower Community Organizers

  • Create beautiful event pages in under a minute.
  • Run custom and automated email campaigns.
  • Manage a team with custom permissions.
  • Analytics and feedback you need to grow. 


Bevy currently provides several integration options, allowing you to customize based on the scope of your marketing analytics.

JavaScript (Munchkin) lead tracking

Track and analyze how leads within your conversion funnel are navigating the Bevy-powered community platform.

Membership tracking

As people join or depart individual communities, details in associated Marketo Lead records are updated.

Event-specific Marketo event programs

Bevy-managed events can be associated with Marketo event programs. As community members register for or get checked in at events, their program status gets is synchronized accordingly.

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