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Bedrock Data Integrations for Marketo

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Bedrock Data provides powerful bi-directional integrations between Marketo and CRM, E-commerce, Support, Events, Webinar & Financial applications.
Marketo Integrated
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Main Features
  • Bi-directional, real-time sync
  • Deep connector integration
  • Configurable workflow rules
  • Rapid deployment

Bedrock Data lets you setup and configure a bi-directional integration between Marketo and other systems that your business is using.  All Bedrock Data integrations run in near real-time (every 5 minutes by default) and take just a few minutes to setup and configure -- no code or consulting required -- in fact, you can just get started without even seeing a demo or talking to us.

Because the integration is bi-directional, you can achieve the following integration points:

  • Sync Marketo Leads and Lead Activities from Marketo to other CRMs, Marketing, Finance and Support apps.  All custom fields are supported.
  • Trigger marketing automation campaigns in Marketo from data coming from your other systems.
  • Limit which records should sync using a Bedrock Data workflow.

You can also connect and integrate more than just 2 systems using Bedrock Data, so if you're using a financial or support application on top of your marketing and CRM system, you can connect that data as well in the same integration and configure the syncing with your Bedrock field mappings.

Lastly, Bedrock Data integrations are affordable!  Please check out our pricing page here for our pricing options.

Marketo Integration

All Bedrock Data integrations work by first connecting the systems that you're integrating via their API’s (or databases) and authenticating them in our web application so that we can access the data from these systems. We then perform an initialization of your data from each system (Marketo and the system being integrated) connected to Bedrock, by which we pull data from those systems and merge it into our database. We keep a copy of the user’s data in our backend so that we can use it to de-duplicate records, enable backups and also data manipulation within Bedrock.

We then use this merged “integration data” to de-duplicate records and provide updates to records that already exist. Once this initialization is complete, all new and updated records in any system you’ve connected to Bedrock will be synced to the other system, per your integration settings. Syncing time is 5 minutes by default across all integrations, depending on the Bedrock plan that you subscribe to – this means data syncing in near real-time.

Bedrock Marketo integrations sync lead records from Marketo to the other system(s) that you’re integrating with. This integration will also automate the creation and updating of leads in the Marketo system, creating a powerful bi-directional data-driven integration. The Marketo integration will also “roll-up” certain activities that are associated with leads in the system into several fields that we make available to map through the integration, these include:

  • Total number of visits
  • Last visit time
  • Last visit page title
  • Total number of form submissions
  • Last submission time
  • Last submitted form title
  • Many more to come (just ask us and we'll add any activity field you require)

If you're interested in seeing a demo of a Marketo integration, please don't hesitate to contact us through our website or email us at sales(at)