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BlackLight by Beachhead

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BlackLight is a free, email based solution sending alerts to its users every time their email domain is blacklisted.
Main Features
  • Monitor users blacklisting
  • Automatic email alerts
  • Insight on deliverability
  • 2 min setup
Finally, a painless way to check if your email has been Blacklisted and improve your email deliverability.

Email campaigns are an important part of modern marketing and lead nurturing is one of the best solutions to engage with your leads, prospects and customers. But one thing can seriously damage your efforts; getting your email domain blacklisted and not knowing it!

BlackLight warns you whenever your blacklisting status changes, when you appear in new blacklists or when your domain is removed from any blacklists.

Key benefits:

  • Monitor your blacklisting status to assess your deliverability

  • Enable you to contact the blacklist provider and remove your domain

  • Non invasive integration, work autonomously

Register on the BlackLight page to set up your email alert account and make sure you'll be aware of any future blacklisting. The 2-steps registration will take you 2 minutes and will dramatically improve the performance of your next email campaign.  

We also offer the possibility to monitor the domain used by your marketing automation platform or your email marketing provider to cover every blacklisting threat.


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