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By Azuqua

Azuqua enables business users to quickly, securely, and reliably automate workflow between Marketo and other cloud apps.


Azuqua connects Marketo to your other cloud applications to:

  • Automate manual tasks
  • Synchronize data across apps
  • Notify users of needed actions

FAST PAYBACK.  Azuqua customers on average take less than four weeks to achieve a positive ROI.

QUICK TO DEPLOY. Our customers deploy in minutes not months.  

POWERFUL. Azuqua supports both simple workflow as well as multi-application workflows with complex business rules.

PROOF. See the EAT Club case study here

IT APPROVED. Azuqua is SOC2-compliant and has robust security controls.

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Azuqua is the easiest, most powerful way for anyone to connect Marketo to your other cloud application without relying on IT resources.  Our customers automate processes such as:

  • Lead nurturing during and after trial process
  • Customer lifecycle nurturing using data from sales, service, and support
  • Lead status updates from sales, service, and support applications
  • Lead archival from bounced email address
  • Lead updates across Marketo instances
  • And more...

With a visual drag-and-drop workflow designer, you can increase agility and responsiveness by automating or iterating processes in minutes rather than weeks or months.   

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