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Account-Based Marketing Platform

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Azalead is an end-to-end Account-Based Marketing platform based on patent pending account sensing technology. With Azalead, you'll be able to execute:
Main Features
  • Cross-channel Account Sensing
  • Pre-fill forms w/ account data
  • Account-based Advertising
  • Buying signals & ABM Analytics

Azalead is a leading international platform for Account-Based Marketing. Hundreds of Enterprise B2B companies including Microsoft, IBM and BNP Paribas rely on Azalead to drive more awareness, engagement and revenue with target accounts.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a discipline based on understanding buyer behavior and engaging a specific set of accounts with timely, relevant and personalized communications.

With Azalead, you can sense buying signals on your website and engage target accounts through Account-Based Website Personalization, Account-Based Advertising and  Account-Based Retargeting. Sales reps receive sales intelligence alerts on their target accounts so they can close deals faster.

Azalead is powered by patent-pending account sensing technology and integrates with complementary sales and marketing software including  Marketo, MS Dynamics CRM and Salesforce Sales cloud.