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Attribution  |  Applications
Attribution is the easiest way to track your marketing. See which customers come from each channel and automatically track spending.
Main Features
  • Simple Conversion Tracking
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Drill Down to Customer Profile
  • Guided Setup

See a Complete Picture of ROI

Attribution is the only platform that pulls your cost data from ad platforms, correlates that cost to specific users, then tracks revenue from those users.


Easily Input Cost Data

Easily input cost data for non-integrated platforms to see a complete picture of customer acquisition costs. No more spreadsheets and substantially reduced data entry.

Powerful Attribution Models

Attribution will work with you to build an attribution model that accurately spreads credit across ad platforms, social channels and content marketing.


Track Across Multiple Devices

Our model is based on people, not devices, so you can seamlessly track customers across multiple devices, phones, and apps.